Genuine leadership is becoming a lost art; it has eroded to little more than the top seats as managers or CEO’s who are functionaries rather than true leaders.

Highlands Tactical Training Group reinvigorates the role of leadership by rediscovering its heart and soul. We offer small group experiences in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere by immersing group members in a wilderness setting free of all distractions.

We provide the horses, the camp, plenty of good food, coffee and spectacular scenery. In the evenings, we’ll spend time around the campfire discussing lessons taught during day trips on horseback.

Doug Dryden, owner of Highlands Tactical Training Group, and other successful leaders will guide the group through challenging discussions about the heart and soul of leadership. These discussions center on how true leaders think and act regardless of whether they are in leadership positions.

Skills taught and discussed in this course include:

  • Defining true leadership
  • Leading from the middle
  • Team building
  • Practical leadership
  • Recognizing one’s own weaknesses
  • Mentoring and growing those around you

Join us, and through your journey discover the leader within you. It will be an experience like none you’ve ever had before or may ever have again!


“High country, horses, helpful guides, huckleberry pancakes. Our wilderness leadership retreat was one of the most productive in my 20+ years, as well as cost effective! In the absence of LTE, 3G, or even an analog signal, everyone was freed from day-to-day business and were fully present for team building and leadership training. Doug and his team provided everything, so our team focused on building camaraderie and connection that has remained strong years from the event. It was like no other team building I have experienced in the work place. For the group with a bit of adventure lacking only the opportunity to focus and environment to build effective connections and leadership vision, this is the place and this is the team.”

~ Tom C. Executive in CA

“This was one of the best times in my life bringing my IT and Physical Security leadership teams together on common ground. We went through Doug’s tactical shooting courses for two days and then out into the wilderness where we were able to unplug from the board room and actually spend time on what was important. No cell phones, computers, assistants, bosses, etc. We had the time to read through some truly original leadership stories and apply them to our business. The team bonding is something you can’t put a price on and to this day I can still hear that elk calling in the distance. If you look at the low cost of what we spent vs. going to a 4 star hotel for 4 days with your team and spending a large sum of money this was priceless. I can tell you one thing I did not expect to eat as well as we did. Affordable, unplugged, and an experience you can’t get anywhere. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to find that next level out of your team or might need to build a strong bond between your leadership team. This was one of the turning points of my leadership journey.”

~ Macy D. Information Security Officer in CA