Doug Dryden spent years as a back country game warden patrolling by horseback along the rugged Montana / Idaho border during the summer fishing season in the high lakes and the fall hunting seasons in rain, sleet and snow. Doug knows what its like to be cold and wet with no one to look to for help but himself. Whether caring for a string of horses first before taking care of his own needs, riding through another snowy night on dangerous mountain trails, or packing out an illegal elk by flashlight, Doug knows when it’s time to build a fire and get warm before it’s too late. Doug’s emphasis in these courses is having a survival mindset.

Frank Bowen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience surviving in harsh and often austere environments. In a career that spanned over twenty years, Frank has served multiple tours as a Special Forces Soldier / Operator in various theaters worldwide including Afghanistan. Frank’s experience is passed on to our students through hands-on wilderness survival field craft. Frank has trained military and law enforcement units from other countries as well as civilians and pilots the art of surviving in the wilderness when things go bad.

Zach Vanderwall brings his experience and training from 2 decades of mountaineering, rock climbing and backpacking in the Northwest, South America and Canada. Zach has spent over 15 years as a Guide and Instructor of wilderness skills preparing individuals to survive and travel outdoors in any environment. Zach serves as an EMT on a local rural ambulance service and teaches as Lead Instructor for an International Wilderness Medicine company.

These classes can be customized to fit whatever needs your group may have. All training is hands-on in the field, building shelters, filtering water, making ground signals, fires and smoke generators for signaling aircraft or ground rescue parties. We encourage students to build and sleep in their shelters especially in wintertime, in order to build confidence in their survival skills.


  • Fire craft
  • Survival Shelters
  • Smoke Generators
  • Ground Signaling to Aircraft
  • Survival Tools to Always Have with You
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Water Procurement
  • Cooking Simple Foods Without Utensils

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