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Highlands Tactical Training Group teaches instinctive, threat-focused, self-defense handgun courses that work for the average person. Our class size is small to provide personal attention for all of our students no matter what their level of shooting competency is.

We train women's groups, men's groups, or mixed groups. In an average year, we train as many women as men. We believe that women are empowered when they know how to use a handgun, rifle, or shotgun and are confident in their ability to do so.

Classes offered are four, eight, and sixteen hour handgun, shotgun, and carbine courses. Our prices are affordable and we promise that you will have fun training with us and leave our classes confident in your ability to handle a weapon. Read the testimonials.


Doug Dryden | Lead Instructor

Doug has served as a Montana Game Warden, Sheriff's Deputy, and Narcotics Detective as well as Director of Corporate Security for an international company and as a Tactical Security Consultant. He is an FBI trained SWAT officer who has served on local, regional, and statewide SWAT units. In addition, he has been a firearms and defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement agencies and has provided weapons training for military special operations personnel, security officers, and private citizens. As a consultant, Doug has developed tactical security programs for high risk companies in the U.S. and Europe and provided executive protection services for those same companies.

Doug is a P.O.S.T certified Master Instructor (Ret.), an NRA Law Enforcement firearms instructor, and a Montana State certified firearms instructor.

Coy Snider | Instructor

After completing multiple Highlands Tactical weapons courses, Coy became an instructor for Highlands Tactical Training Group in 2019. Coy is a proud Texan who is passionate about tactical shooting and self-defense training. Coy has competed in many IDPA matches and is proficient in multiple martial arts disciplines including: Krav Maga, Muay Thia kickboxing and Israeli Haganah tactical training. Coy thoroughly believes in the Highlands Tactical training systems and enjoys teaching our students the skills necessary to defend themselves and their families. Coy is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor.

Frank Bowen | Instructor

Frank served as a U.S. Army special forces soldier for 23 years in combat and non-combat related roles. Frank has expertise in weapons, force protection, defensive tactics, threat assessments and mitigating vulnerabilities. He has also served as an instructor / advisor teaching soldiers in the United States as well as foreign countries. Frank has made presentations for the National Defense University and developed programs of instruction for countries within the Afghanistan theater and has worked dignitary protection details for VIP's including then Vice President Dick Cheney.

Zach Vanderwall | Instructor

Zach has been a firearms instructor for Highlands Tactical Shooting Schools since 2008 and also serves as the medical officer / instructor for Highlands Tactical Training Group. Zach has been an instructor with Wilderness Medical Associates since 2005 and is an active EMT serving on Plains Ambulance Service. Zach has worked executive protection details as protector and medical officer for the team.
Zach is an NRA certified pistol instructor.

Military Personnel | Guest Instructors

Highlands Tactical Training Group is fortunate to have a cadre of active duty and retired military personnel and law enforcement officers who guest instruct for us. These fine folks often donate their time and skills to train civilians and law enforcement officers in order to help our students acquire confidence in the use of a handgun and carbine. We salute these folks for their donation of time and energy in helping Highlands Tactical provide world class firearms training for police, military, and civilians.