The goal of our courses is to teach the fundamental principles of instinctive, threat focused shooting.

Instinctive shooting keys on the use of gross motor skills as opposed to using fine or complex motor skills in a critical incident. Students are taught to first allow their eyes to focus on a threat or specific area of a threat, recognizing that their hands will subconsciously align the weapon to where the focus of the eye is. Learning proper trigger control (trigger weld) then makes for very accurate rapid shooting.

The objective of instinctive shooting is to obtain acceptable accuracy (sometimes called combat accuracy) while shooting rapidly. Students are taught to balance speed and accuracy while center mass shooting as opposed to target shooting (attempting to hit the 10 ring using weapon sights at close ranges).

Students are taught to work with their body’s natural response (gross motor skills) when they experience an “adrenaline dump” in a dangerous or critical incident as opposed to trying to use fine or complex motor skills.